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Drikotec - Computer Beverage Dispensing

Drinkotec has been designing and manufacturing Computer Beverage Dispensing equipment for 10 years, serving through its distributors 20.000 customers all over Europe.

Proprietary technology and 30 years of experience make it possible to continuously integrate state-of-the-art electronic components in order to improve product performance and to reduce cost.

The product range offers solutions for all customer requirements :

- beverage dispensing from bulk (kegs or bag-in-box)
- bottles (by the drink or entire bottles)
- coffee and vending machines.

For complex installations the functional modules are connected in a loop, which is operated by the MasterTerminal as an autonomous unit with printing and displaying dispensing reports (products by waiter, prices, tables, etc.). MasterTerminal can also transmit this information to a cash register or a PC for accounting and management control.

MasterTerminal can also be interrogated via modem to centrally and automatically gather operational information for large customer organisations.

MasterPos runs large installations without an expensive cash register at an advanced level and thus contributes to reducing customer investment.

For standard applications in bars and restaurants plug-and-play and very easy-to-use products are available with Cascade 3 technology to control taps (Econo and Compact to retrofit existing dispensing towers), liquor (bottles and wall rack) and coffee and vending machines - as stand-alone units with the possibility to integrate them later in a Cascade 3 Loop.

Our distributors all over Europe - professionals for beverage dispensing equipment - report ever changing requirements from this dynamic market place, leading to the development of innovative products, such as the beer line cleaning system including control of 6 beverage lines.

We always search the best solution for our customers, because we would like them to continue to use Cascade3 equipment for the next 30 years.