Dispensing Towers DSP
Written by Administrator
Tuesday, 17 April 2012 14:12
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Dispensing towers to portion and control drinks supplied in kegs and bag-inboxes such as beer, soft drinks, fruit juices, wines and spirits


- modular concept for 5 different sizes : 3,5,7,9 and 11 key panels

- outputs for 18 to 54 electro valves

- most single or multiple standard valves can be used thanks to programmable pulse driven mode

- possibility to connect external towers, limited only by the number of available outputs of the module

- inputs for 18 to 54 flow meters or FOB detectors

- up to 11 panels, 12 keys each

- shift key to increase the number of portions

- portions sizes and cocktails programmable

- display of credits and dispense information for each key

- 4 information leds per panel to display operational errors (empty keg, line blocked, flow meter error, etc.)

- EasyReader included

- second EasyReader optional

- MicroTerminal can be built-in instead of a key panel

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