Wall rack
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6 different brands can be rapidly dispensed in 2 portions sizes with the wall rack. When used in combination with FlexiBar, a large number of spirits can be used for cocktails and mixed drinks.


- place for 6 different bottles

- 2 portions per bottle with a lever switch.Cascade3 Wall rack

-Waiter can dispense 2 glasses at the same time

-DIS-18 module can control 3 wall racks

-Econo NS can control one wall rack in a network

- or AS in autonomous operation

- bottles are equipped with a drip-free pourer,

- attached to the bottle by a plastic band

- bottles are secured on the wall rack and

- controlled by a manager key

- number of portions can be increased by using

- additional PEX units

- Mixed drinks and cocktails can be programmed

- with the Cascade 3 Builder, of particular interest when used in combination with FlexiBar