Master Terminal
Written by Administrator
Thursday, 06 December 2012 12:20
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The Master Terminal controls the Cascade 3 network as an independant system or in connection with any POS or cash register system.

Technical properties

- controls up to 24 modules in the same network (DIS, FCM, COF, TER, Econo NS)drinkotec cascade3 rmaster terminal

- can manage 1000 articles and 200 waiters

- 15 "pools" of waiters in "barman" mode

- credit or self-service mode independant for each waiter

- all parameters of the system can be accessed on the

- keyboard

- alphanumerical keyboard for text programming

- 4 levels for programming and editing/displaying results

- 4 programmable function keys

- 2 serial ports RS-232 to connect a printer

- and a cash register (POS)

- internal real time clock (date and hour)

- report daily and periodic results (X et Z), résults

- in comparative mode

- connection to most POS systems. Manages opening

- tables and cumulative tickets using Hart96 protocol

- EasyReader included

- MasterTerminal is availble in a single table unit,

- or double unit when combined with to other modules

- (FCM, COF, DIS), or in a dispensing tower

- easy installation, convenient use for distributor and customer

- possibility to program Flexicap and CodeCap pourers

- if a FCM module is in the same net