Beer line cleaning system
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Thursday, 27 December 2012 08:35
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sanitation bièreThe Beer Line Cleaning system provides semi-automatic cleaning of beer and other beverage lines, assuring consistent and high quality cleanliness for best beverage quality.

Cleaning process is executed by the customer easily thanks to the user-friendly working mode. Return on investment is improved when controlling 6 beer lines with the same Econo running the cleaning.


- semi-automatic chemical cleaning system for any number of beverage and beer lines

- for cleaning put the keg heads onto the adapters, open water taps and make sure, that cleaning solution will be drained - press start button

- quantity of water and cleaning product controlled by flow meters

- Econo controls all valves to be cleaned in a Cascade 3 network

- 31 different cleaning cycles can be pre-programmed

- report of cleaning cycles printed or displayed by Econo

- cleaning intervals can be programmed. This can be used to alert the customer or to lock the beer lines when not executed properly to assure best beer quality

- the system uses the proven Dosatron pump, approved by many breweries for this application

- Econo can control additional 6 valves for portioning or countingg.

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